Sunday, July 19, 2015



Honestly, it's been a hard day thinking
"Should I cut my hair? In what purpose I cut it? How short will it be?"
Nonetheless, i don't really mind what does people think of my short hair later...

So here they are now..
In fact, i really love how it looks. I feel it's a whole new me. Fresh and Fierce.


I cut it off at the same day as the US legally gay marriage. The reason why i cut off my hair is not for celebrating US legal gay marriage or what so ever you may think, well it was just in an exact day. Hahaha.
It's only because i was frustrated with my branched hairs.
I hate people keeping saying to me "You have bunch of lices on your hair !", "Fix your hair and your personality !", "You want to have many friends, wouldn't you?". OVERLY, They sent me a letter and hung it on my cabinet and wow i was shocked that they were so mean and hurtful depend on what they were talking in that letter. But I don't have any resentment after things they have done to me.

well on that moment, which is made me an anti-social for awhile and were not trust any of them saying themselves "Hey! I'm your friend !", now i'm learning to speak up and say what is bothering me.

And now you may comment whatever you want about on my body, but please remember that you are not the owner of somebody's body and you will never be.

So i hope you get the revelation to whom speak before thinking that words can be hurt !

NB: Let's learn to accept ourselves first and i'm very sorry if i'm a bit rude for what i'm saying but hey! felicia latte is an open forum also, to share what's on our mind and speak up. That's all about, right?

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