Saturday, March 21, 2015


Does it sounds weird to you?
Dating DOESN’T always have to be in “romance” or relationship or whatsoever you call it. It's about to go out with people you love.
Another thing is, when you have “days out” with one of your family. You’ll be surprise how well you will know more about his or her personality, could it be their typical favorite things, problems their facing, struggling from hard moments and it always makes you wondering how amazing people that you have.

Well guys-gals, this is just a sharing story about me and my family.

You should have a talk with your family
In my early year of junior high school, I didn’t ever think to talk about my life to my parent. In fact, I’m a very quite person with my family members. But one day, my friend and I had a little chat about coaching some freshmen to be guide in a school seminar. He said: “You should have a talk with your family, at least some of your school story or maybe your crush” (Thank you so much! I’ve never done this without you bruh).

Tell them everything
Once I tell them some story, they pay attention to me. It continued with their story also. Now it’s not “Parent and Child” anymore, it more likely “Best friend”. Having a chat with them also fun like we  are with our besties, but your parent is more wiser because their live before you are here. If we have a mistake, they will tell you to not do that anymore. Same thing goes to them (human is not perfect right, even your parent) We have a right to tell them that sometimes they are also do wrong things.

Your mental age is older than your actual age
Believe me or not, but it does. Before that I talked with my parent that I have a vision to be this and that and my mission is to attend in vocational high school so I can help them. When I attend in high school this year, I know some of my friend had same mental age like me, but the rest one mostly don’t know their planning with their future and yeah, they’re just living as an regular high school student without any vision to take in the future.

So? Does it sounds awesome? I highly recommend you to have a ‘date’ with your family and talk with them. They surely want to hear stories from you! Cheers ^_^

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