Wednesday, December 24, 2014


How about this holiday ? Do you enjoy yourself take a vacation to somewhere else? or maybe you just sitting around, hungry because for a day you clean up your place and sitting around your laptop with your wi-fi router or your modem. Well! I made "Dadar Jagung". It's great, tasty and simple.
In Indonesia, you can find Dadar Jagung everywhere, any places, either on the village or in a town. Therefore, Dadar Jagung is Indonesia's Signature meals. It is made of corns, some rempah-rempah, and my recipe doesn't need any eggs (if you searching more on google). So? Let's get started !

  • Ingredients !
Grated corn
1 chunks of garlic
3 chunks of onion
a chili
some peterselie or parsley
seasoning broth flavoring

  • Utensils
Ulek'an or Cobek
Frying pan

  • Steps !

1.Okay, you got your grated corn and now put it on the Ulek'an then smash it.

Either you can smash you rempah-rempah first or later, it's up to you.

2.After you smash all remain corns, now add some peterselie either parsley. You only need the leaves and put it on your smashed corn.

3. And now! add salt and seasoning broth flavoring, depends on how you want salty is. mine is about 3 teaspoon of salt and the seasoning broth.
and don't forget to add 3 teaspoon of seasoning broth

4. Now! add 2 tablespoon of Flour. Fold (there's no need any special step to folding this. make sure everything mixed-well)

5. Fry it on a frying pan, with a size of one tablespoon. You know your dough is perfect when in the frying pan, they lifted up by the heat (oh yeah, put it on medium heat and wait until its hot, then you can pour your dough)

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