Friday, July 4, 2014


"Double Twist" from Revlon is here !

Lately I loved anything about nails art and i hope soon i can experiments with my nails and gives you tutorials about nails art, just wondering ^^ teehee. Alright, now on my hand there is this magic thing called Base and Top Coat and the awesome thing i wanted you to know is THIS THING IS QUICK DRY, really quick ! Like 5 second if you are in open area. Basically, markets will sells base coat self and top coat self and of course you would spends much money on those. Base coat for protects your nail from damages or cracks and Top coat for cover your nail after applied liquor, so that your liquor doesn't detached. The color is obviously in transparent so if your school or work places doesn't allows you to use nails art or kraazzyy wacky color burst, you can use this instead and also gives you a shinning nails yay !

 Here's a guide or a great changes nails looking from Double Twist

Of course if you have curious to ask, please do anytime on any of my social media and if you want to recommend products for me to try, feel free to comments below. Have a nice day, cheerio ! 


  1. I love dual action top/basecoats! So much easier to use than two products. I'll have to check this out, thanks for the recommendation!

    1. You are very welcome dear ! Gladly you enjoyed this post :)
      It's always good to save money ! hahaha. Have a nice day Raissa !


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