Thursday, June 5, 2014


Contour June
Well, it's been totally cool through May, now we're welcoming June. SO ! This month, i specially talk about makeup. The basic method you have to know in makeup is "Contouring".
Well, basically you prepared a highlighter, a bronzer, and blush. After you apply these 3, BLEND everyside with your blending brush, so you don't have any rough contour. If you need to conceal your red areas or other complexion, go ahead. Another thing that i recommend for you is to use A Primer before you start everything and make sure to always start with a nice clean face.
But, not every type of face shapes are get along with this draw. Some of you may have a round shape, oval, heart, rectangle, etc. Some of you may need some cheeks building or to make your nose taller. One rule you have to obey is Be Mad ! I mean, just experimenting! Practice always makes perfect.

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